Tuesday, June 14, 2011

looong over due get post

Way back in... February I believe I got some gifts and got second place in a giveaway. First I will talk about the giveaway though because I got those things first. It was for a new etsy shop called Kitty Kendra Designs, but it appears that the shop is now no more. I never got any sweet jewelry before this so I don't know how well my things were made. The ring broke off it's base in the mail I'm guessing, but it was easily fixed with some super glue. I love that it feeds my liking for Sanrio things. Ring on my Poupee Girl The necklace is bigger than I thought it would be. It's probably normal sized, I'm just not used to big jewelry. The macaroon is a little messy looking, but cute still. Necklace also on Poupee Girl I probably will just wear the necklace with decora sicne I'm not much of a sweet lolita. I was very surprised I actually won something from a giveaway though. The only contests I seem to win require effort, haha. Now onto the amazing birthday/Christmas gifts from my best friend. XD She got me an amazingly cute pair of bloomers from the ebay store Refuse to be Usual. Pic this way  These amazing rocking horse shoes. A little small but not too bad. pic And this amazing shirt! XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why yes, yes I do like kpop as well. Sorry for linking to all the pictures using my poupee girl but, after loading the pics onto poupee girl I deleted them off my computer and am too lazy to do anything else. haha... And sorry for not posting, ever. Well now I'm talking like I actually have subscribers. But, I will in the future! It is now summer, I have no more excuses to be lazy and not post. So I shall!